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November 2023 Pupdate

We have exciting news!!

Olive is expecting! We have confirmed with our Vet who states there are lots of little paws coming soon (a dozen?!?). We believe this to be a “dual-sired” litter and we couldn’t be more excited.

Claude and Olive had two successful dates and we know their puppies are the perfect golden combination of brawn and beauty. Claude is our 56-pound AKC Apricot Standard Poodle. Claude is calm and loving, and he has passed on his gentle nature to his past puppies. Claude and Olive’s puppies color will range from light apricot to dark golden with very little white markings.

Olive also had a successful date with Valentino. Valentino is our large 76 pound AKC Standard Poodle. Val is an athletic black and white parti who is full of fun and energy. This will be Val’s first litter. Val and Olive’s puppies can be Golden with white spotting and black with white spotting. We could even get a solid gold or black from them. We are excited to see what these little fur babies will bring.

All parents have passed OFA’s and have clear embark panels. Pickerel puppies should be here in the next two weeks and will be ready for their new homes in mid-January. Our puppies are raised with puppy culture, which means we start introducing them to scents and stimulation starting on day 3 of life! We will introduce crates and doggy doors at around 6 weeks old. All puppies will have their own Embark packages, be dewormed, and up to date on vaccinations by the time they are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old. We will have a little personality assessment ready at 7 weeks old to help you choose your perfect pup! Stay tuned for exciting updates and pictures! If you are interested in adopting one of our available puppies or would like more information, please reach out either by emailing us at, send a text or call us at 218-849-5137. Warmly, Kate & Craig Kleindl

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