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The Puppies are 8 Weeks Old!

Ta-dah!! We made it. The puppies are 8 weeks old today!  

It is time for the puppies to go home to their new families. We will miss their sweet faces, but love it when they find their new homes.

In the past 8 weeks the puppies have learned to be (mostly) turf potty trained, dog door trained, and comfortable in a crate. They have learned about; new noises, baths (one enjoys his baths so much, he even fell asleep in the tub), dryers, outside playtime, snow, other dogs and cats.  

The puppies have completely transitioned over to solid puppy food, and are now sleeping in the kennel. We love Nutrisource large breed puppy food.

These puppies have been raised with ENS/ESI since day 3. They have been assessed, vet cleared, are up to date on their vaccinations and even have their own (clear) Embark panels. We guarantee our puppies health for the first year! 

We still have availability!!  

*We offer Military and first responder discounts.  

**Already have a Pickerel Pup? You will get a frequent flyer discount.

What is on the horizon for Pickerel Pups?  

2024 will bring a much needed break from puppy rearing. We are not currently planning on any litters this year.  

What is happening with our Mommas?  Dot has retired and loves just lounging around being our pet- Dot is especially excited about the snow.  Pimento has found a new home not far from us and is living her best life with a house full of children.  Olive is recovering well from her ginormous litter of 13, and will resume her place as a spoiled doggo and as the Alpha of the pack. Fiona is growing up to be a beautiful Standard Poodle- fingers crossed she continues to flourish. 

Our Boys continue to hold down the fort- keeping us safe and aware of any potential dangers like wandering deer or pesky squirrels.  

Craig and I will continue to improve our kennel and surrounding areas. We plan on more dog training and certifications with our pack. We may be swapping out some team players, and adding some new faces. We are almost done with updating our website and logo. And we are very excited to announce we are planning on adding SWAG!  

Thank you for all of your support the past few years. We are excited to see what 2024 holds for Pickerel Pups.  


Kate & Craig Kleindl

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