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Week 4 is here! Food, Voices and Play!

We are not sure if it is the holidays, or if time is truly passing quickly. The puppies are at the halfway mark of their time spent with us. Unbelievable.


Over the last few days we have expanded the puppies area into a bigger play area with toys to explore. We also have introduced puppy pads, and will gradually introduce pine pellets as their designated potty area.  

This week we started to introduce a type of solid food that would be the equivalent to human baby food. We do so by grinding up solid puppy food kibbles into a chunky powder substance and mix it with some goat milk and a little water to form “mush”. What a mess, but the puppies loved it. This will give Mom a much needed break from being the sole food source. She will continue nursing as long as she wants, but will slowly start weaning the puppies so that they are on solid food exclusively. 

We also swabbed the babies today with their own embark tests, so each puppy will go home with their own Embark panel. We love using this as a guide to coat type and estimated size, as well as any genetic markers to be aware of. Results should be back in 2-3 weeks.

We are handling the puppies daily, and attempting to do the following consistently: Cover eyes, rub ears, rub gums, rub bellies, rub tails and top of back, tap nails (and trim as needed), rub and massage paws, check collars and boop noses. 


This is a very calm litter thus far. We hope we are not jinxing us by saying so. They are quite lazy, with just a few that bark and grumbles. About half of them sleep on their backs.  


More updates next week. Please inquire with any questions. There is still both male and female availability with this litter. We look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out with any questions or interest either by emailing us at, send a text or call us at 218-849-5137. 



Kate & Craig Kleindl

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