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At Pickerel Pups, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our selection of female Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Old English Sheepdogs and Goldendoodle mommas are unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all. We hand-select each and every mom for our program based on healthy bloodlines, personality traits that we desire as family companions and for their beautiful coloring. 


Golden Retriever

Olive is our wonderfully dramatic and doting Momma. Never short on eye rolls or begging for belly rubs.  The allpha of our pack- who is happy to teach the humans how to behave. 


Fiona poodle pose.JPG
Standard Poodle

Fiona is our up and coming super star.   She is an AKC Standard Poodle, who was born "Blue brindle" and is lightening up by the day.  We can't wait to see what color she clears to! The smartest girl!


F1 Goldendoodle

Betty is one of our own.  She is from Olive and Claude's Nov. 23 litter.  Betty has her dad's sweet side and her Momma's sass!  She still needs to pass her health tests.  Finger crossed for a clear record. 


Old English Sheepdog

  Polly is an AKC Old English Sheepdog.  Paul is trying to find her place amongst the Poodles, and can't understand why they don't want to be hearded.  She is the sweetest one blue, one brown eyed girl. 

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