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Pickerel Pup Mommas

At Pickerel Pups, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our selection of female poodles, golden retrievers, bernese mountain dogs and goldendoodle mommas are unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.

Olive | Golden Retriever and Doodle Mom | Pickerel Pups

Olive - 
Golden Retriever 

Dot | Bernese Mountain Dog | Bernedoodle Mom | Pickerel Pups

Dot - 
Bernese Mountain Dog

Pimento | Goldendoodle and Mom | Pickerel Pups

Pimento - 
F1 Goldendoodle

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