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Our Pack of Pickerel Pups

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Let’s introduce the pack! We started with just our Pound Pup, Penny. Penny hails from California and is 1/2 black lab and 1/2 blue tick hound. She is 7 years old and is the best swimmer out of all the dogs. She loves summers when she can spend most of her time in the lake! Penny is not a fan of winter. Penny is not a working dog or a mom, just our pet that loves playing with the rest of the dogs.


Shortly after moving to Pickerel Lake in 2021, we acquired what we refer to as our "Big three", Dot, Olive and Claude. Dot is our Bernese Mountain Dog. She is 100 pounds of love and sunshine. Dot always has a smile on her face. Kate is Dot's favorite person in the whole world and can usually be found right by Kate's side. Dot and Pecco made the most perfect little 6 pack of Bernedoodles in the late spring of 2023.


Next up is Olive, our Golden Retriever. Olive is the Alpha of our four legged friends. She is smart, sweet, and dramatic all wrapped in a beautiful dark golden package. Olive is known for her eye rolls, sneaking out of their kennel to see what is happening around our property, or looking for her favorite human, Craig. Olive had the most amazing litter of Goldendoodle puppies in the summer of 2022- and we still keep in contact with their new owners. Olive proved herself to be a fantastic Momma. Those pups were the perfect combination of both Olive and Claude. 


Speaking of Claude, he is our main man around here. Claude was our first AKC Standard Poodle. He is the sweetest ball of Apricot curls. Claude thinks he is Kate's tiny lap dog and tries to cuddle with her whenever he can. Claude also loves Olive and wants to spend most of his outside time with her. We can't get enough of this loving boy. His pups definitely got their sweet side from their Dad.


Not long after acquiring Claude, we decided to get another male AKC Standard Poodle- enter Valentino. Fun is his middle name! Playing, running, and jumping are all of Val's favorite things. Did we mention Val is 80 pounds?! He is our BIG Black and White Parti Poodle with amazing locks! He looks like a rocker dog, with his long crazy hair. Valentino also has some fantastic hops, and jumps fences, cars, trees... you name it! He glides through the air like a gazelle and loves to play with all of the pack! Val loves to play with Craig on the property or in the shop, or wrestle with Kate while she tries to straighten his top knot.  Update: Great news! Val's OFA's are Excellent!!

Once we had two male Standard's we knew this was the direction we would be moving forward with. We then went way down south to find Francesco, who is affectionately known around here as "Pecco". Pecco is our Tri colored AKC Standard Poodle boy, who is mostly black and white with a slight lining of brown. Pecco has very tight, dense curls, and is happy just to be around the pack. He is not very demanding (like Val) or outspoken (like Claude)- Pecco is our calm and quiet guy that likes to observe before jumping in and playing. Pecco sired a litter of Bernedoodles with Dot in late spring of 2023. These pups were the most adorable rollie-pollies we have ever seen.  

When Claude and Olive had their first litter, we could not pass up on keeping a pup for ourselves. This is where sweet little Pimento enters our story. Pimento, the goldendoodle was one of three darling girls and seven superb boys. She was such an adorable combo of both Olive and Claude- we couldn’t resist. “Mento” has the sweetest disposition. She is gentle, loving and very smart! She is happiest hanging out inside with both Craig and Kate. Her knowing eyes, and calm ways are sure to win everyone over. We are excited for her future here with us.


Last but not least, is our new AKC Standard Poodle female pup, Fiona. Fiona is from North Carolina and came from an amazing breeder at BOODLES POODLES. Fiona is a black-ish brindle color and is honestly one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned. She loves to be anywhere with Kate and is very obedient and attentive.

Pickerel Lake is the place we call home. While Craig is originally from Minnesota, Kate was born and raised in California. In 2021 we moved from California to our new home just outside of Detroit Lakes. We live on a beautiful plot of land with a cute little log cabin style home on it. We both love our home life, and spending time with our dogs.  


2023 is winding down. We will close the year with a litter of F1Goldendoodles. We believe this litter is dual sired from both Claude and Valentino but will need to wait for our genetic testing to confirm. Our plans for 2024 will be a F1B Goldendoodle litter from Pimento and Val. We strive to have healthy pups and parents and put a lot of love, planning and care into our pack. 


We invite you to Join our Mailing List and become an extended part of our pack and be the first to know about upcoming litters and puppies available for adoption.


Kate and Craig Kleindl

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