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2-Week Pupdate from Pickerel Pups

Hi Friends! A lot has happened over the past two weeks. If you did not know, Dot delivered six beautiful puppies on April 18th. Three boys and three girls, all tri colored- the perfect six-pack! Dot was a bit unsure what was happening during labor, but once she figured out these puppies were HERS- she has turned into a wonderful Momma.

Bernedoodle Female Puppies | Pickerel Pups
The Lovely Ladies

Bernedoodle Male Puppies | Pickerel Pups
The Little Gentlemen

The puppies have gone from little, tiny beans that just eat, sleep and poop to toddling around using all four legs like little drunkards, making tiny noises, and doubling their weight. Developmentally wise, the puppies have begun to open their eyes and ears. They can hear sounds and see what is happening around them. We started with Early Neurological stimulation (ENS) and Early scent introduction (ESI) training at 3 days old which helps with their overall development, coping mechanisms, and resilience.

We have temporarily named these puppies with names all starting with the letter “D” after their Momma. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at these lovely littles.

The Ladies: First up we have “Delilah” who wears a pink collar. Delilah was our first born and has the perfect tri-colored markings. She set the standard extremely high and has a white lightning stripe down her head.

Delilah | Female Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Next born, we have “Darla” who sports a purple collar. Darla doesn’t have as much brown on her front legs as the others, and a wider swath of white in between her eyes.

Darla | Female Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

The third born was big girl “Dolly.” Dolly wears a gold collar and is one of our biggest pups. Dolly has a white patch on her forehead that continues down the back of her head.

Dolly | Female Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

The Gentlemen:

The fourth born we finally had a boy! “Dean” wears a gray collar and has been a mellow little guy from the beginning. Dean is quite handsome and was the first one to have his nose turn black.

Dean | Male Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

The fifth born we are calling “Dunn.” Dunn wears a light blue collar and has been neck and neck with Dean on weight. Both Dean & Dunn started out a few ounces behind the rest of their siblings but have been gaining rapidly. Dean has a wide swath of white on his head much like his sister Darla.

Dunn | Male Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Last born was “Dawson.” Dawson is our biggest boy and has a neat swirl of white on his head. Dawson wears a green collar and weighs quite a bit more than his brothers. He also has a good nose for sniffing things out.

Dawson | Male Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

So, there they are- Dot and Pecco’s standard F1 Bernedoodle litter. These darlings are growing and changing daily. Our goal is to send out an update every two weeks. Make sure to check our Instagram or Facebook page for updates and pictures in between our letters.

Adoption Information-

Some dates to remember, puppies will be dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks old. Puppies will have a vet check on May 30th. Puppies will be ready for new homes on June 13th!

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions. We will also let you know when it is your turn to pick out your puppy! We encourage you to wait until puppies are at least 5 weeks old so we can get a better idea of their personalities.

Reach us at any time either by email, text or call. We can be reached at info@pickerelpups or 218-849-5137.


Kate & Craig Kleindl

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