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5-Week Pupdate from Pickerel Pups

Hi Friends!

It has been a few weeks of firsts for these little puppies…

First solid food.

First little growls and barks.

First trip outside the whelping box.

First bath.

First adventure outdoors.

The puppies have grown leaps and bounds! They range from 6 to 8 pounds! The puppies are fully mobile and now recognize our voices. The all come running to “puppy, puppy, puppy”! They eat and drink water and solid foods independently, although Dot still feeds them occasionally.

“Dolly” our gold collared female is our biggest pup and our most adventurous along with green collared “Dawson” who is our biggest male and also has the most curls.

Blue collared “Dunn” looks like he has lost a brown sock on his front foot. Dunn is our smallest male, and is our middle of the road guy. Not too shy, but not too overly outgoing. He and pink collared “Delilah” are just the right amount of calm and playful. Delilah is quite a beauty, but don’t be fooled- she can bully the rest of the pups on occasion.

Our most calm pups are purple collared “Darla” and gray collared “Dean”. Darla prefers to sleep under Dot’s bed, and Dean likes to play on his own. Dean has a much straighter coat than the others, and Darla only has white socks on her front paws and a wider swath of white between her eyes. Without further ado - here's the 5-week old pups!

Darla | Female Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Dolly | Female Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Delilah | Female Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Dawson | Male Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Dean | Male Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Dunn | Male Bernedoodle Puppy | Pickerel Pups

Adoption Information- Our first pick male will be chosen this upcoming weekend. Exciting times! Thank you for being patient with this delayed Pupdate. We have our hands full with our busy dog life at Pickerel Pups!

Puppies will be ready for new homes on June 13th!

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions. We will also let you know when it is your turn to pick out your puppy!

Reach us at any time either by email, text or call. We can be reached at info@pickerelpups or 218-849-5137.


Kate & Craig Kleindl

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