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November 27, 2023 Pupdate: The puppies turned 2 (weeks)!

Hello all!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The puppies turned two weeks today. I feel like I always breathe a little easier once we pass the two week mark. We did our first deworming today along with our daily weight check, and ENS/ESI testing. Everyone is gaining weight and beginning to open their eyes. We have a few puppies that have some great sniffers, and also some very calm little ones that don’t mind being put in different positions. It is so fun to see them growing and changing on a daily basis. I tried to snap some quick pictures today to give you an idea at how much they have grown.

All of the puppies seem to be pretty close in weight. Most of them are 2 pounds and over. “Clove” is our smallest male and “Graham” is our biggest boy. “Betty” is our smallest female, while “Ginger” is our biggest gal. Cashew and Nutmeg our the lightest in color while Napoleon, Fig and Coco are a little darker.

They sleep most of their day away, when they are not eating or pooping. We have music playing softly in the whelping area and will continue to stimulate them gently as they continue to grow. The next few weeks is a huge developmental time for the puppies as they continue to see and begin to hear as well as start toddling around and even begin to play!

Stay tuned for next week’s update. You won’t believe the difference a week makes!

We still have some availability with this litter- please reach out with any questions or interest. Scroll down to view the latest pics of this adorable bunch!


Kate & Craig

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